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Why do you write under two different names?

Because I am an international woman of mystery. Also, my publishers thought it would be a good idea since I write in two very different genres. Actually, my real (married) name is Candida Bailey. I’m saving that for when I branch out into another genre. I think it will fit well for the My Little Zombie Unicorn self-help range for 6-8 year-olds that I’m planning.


Is there a sequel to THE DISAPPEARED?

Yes. THE WILDERNESS will be published Feb 2014. On the run after the uprising at the Academy, Blake and Kay have ended up with the criminals and the crazies in the place of childhood nightmares, the Wilderness. Here, in a ghost city they find a bloodthirsty captain training a ruthless Resistance who are everything Blake has hoped for, except for one thing: they’re a bunch of kids.  Blake thinks he can use the Resistance’s plans to get close enough to kill his father, The Leader, ending his brutal and bloody treatment of the underclass. Simple. But what Blake discovers about his father and the devastating methods of the Resistance is anything but simple. Who is controlling the country? And who can Blake trust?


Is there a sequel to HAVE A LITTLE FAITH?

Yes. FAITH DOES SOME MORE FUNNY STUFF (not actual title) will be published spring 2014


How do you get into The Zone?

I don’t really know how to get into the creative zone. I can tell you that neither searching for toys I had as a child on eBay, eating a whole packet of chocolate fingers nor watching Diagnosis Murder has ever helped. But one day that’s got to change. So I keep trying.